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How to weigh the true with false scales?

Which is more important for proper towing – scales or grams? Mistaken if you think that one and the other is equally important – you can download properly, without a true balance, provided you have a true grams. There are several ways to correct a false weighing scales.Consider two of them. … more

How to make a candlestick?

The idea is pretty simple and original. For this purpose we need only dish of Coffee and an aluminum fork. Why aluminum fork? Wellsimply because we can easily give it the form that we want. The idea is taken from a foreign site, as seen in the picture is nothing special, just need to unscrew the imagination …

How to make a stand for the mobile phone of PVC bottle?

Surf the web I came across an idea to make a stand for the mobile phone of PVC bottle. And as often happens to me to turn my phone to charge and no place to put it without tripping over wires, I decided to share it with you. Everything is very simple and easy. This requires an empty PVC bottle, scissors and markers to outline the contours of which will be extracting as shown in the picture.Act ..!