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How can we use an empty pack of CD / DVD discs.

Sometimes the houses are huge crowds of seemingly useless things, but can be very useful if you fall into theright hands. For example, a package of CD / DVD discs can be used to store various small tools and materials in thegarage or workshop. Attach with screws 16 mm joiner. bottom of the package underside of the shelf and geta universal storage container. In this container you can store anything you like such as: tape, screws, bolts, nuts, keys and everything that can fit inside. It can also be used for storage of … more

How do make a mold for casting concrete?

Everyone in life has faced problems with the construction or repair. If not yet, maybe it is about. And when this happens, immediately raises two questions: what and how much it will cost. In this case, whether it is beneficial for you or not – will let yourself decide, but often decisions … more

Trail of stone.

If you have recently completed a renovation or building a home you probably have remained fairly monumental stones that you could use for various purposes, for example – to make the garden path. The tools that we need are a hammer, chisel and angle grinder with a disc for cutting … more

Curtain of plastic bottles as ornaments for the home.

From Pvc bottles could make a lot of things. For example, you can make a curtain from the bottoms of bottles that looks original and unusual. You could use it for Christmas Decoration, put it on the doors or windows. For the preparation of the interior will need: a plastic … more

How to make paper snowflakes?

To begin to make a snowflake, we need several sheets of paper, scissors and stapler. We take a piece of paper and make it square. Fold it on the diagonal, cut the strips and spread it. Then the strips during acontraction as shown in photos and stapling. Leaves turn around and do the same thing with other bands. One piece of the snowflake is ready, it remains only to make 5-6 such parts , to stick them and snowflake is ready. This is a very good improvised ornament for home around Christmas.

How to make children’s toy helicopter?

Here’s an idea to make a helicopter toy from my childhood. Prior want to apologize for the drawings I’ve done, I know not ideal but these are my options. Materials needed: For the preparation of the toy, we need: wooden boards, electric motors, gears, 2-3 aluminum caps for jars, battery, … more