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How to properly tied fishing hook?

Every fisherman should know what bathroom to use and how to properly knit hook to the cord . Therefore , it is not unimportant to know the different types of nodes. In the following animation you can see several kinds of nodes and their purpose. 1. The assembly is intended … more

How to connect fishing line to another one?

Using the displayed nodes will understand how to connect fishing line to another. It should be noted that it is advisable to wet the knot before tightening. This (as far as I know) do not to overheat the cord and subsequently breaking of the bond. In the picture you should … more

Mini survival kit

Out for a long time to rest or traveling – take it with you just in case mini survival kit. You can do this alone. For its preparation will be needed the most ordinary things. And it’s good to keep it ready at home to take it with you right … more

Kayak from plastic bottles

Want to make a lightweight and durable boat to go fishing? Engineer Federico Blanc from Argentina gathered such a boat from plastic bottles. Several dozens of plastic bottles were glued together in the shape of the kayak. Kayak from PVC bottles is able to carry two people and luggage. Its … more

How to Make Wobbler?

Wobbler in fishing is called type lures most often imitating fish. Depending on the size, the lure may be equipped with one, two or three triple hooks. A characteristic feature of the lure is the presence of the plate (“scoop”) in front of his body which characterizes the mode of movement in … more

How to make shine “Turbine”?

          Modern fishing shops are filled with different baits, the choice is huge. But sometimes you crave a to do something alone, ascatches of fish with bait you started with your own hands brings great pleasure, and such baits often are much cheaper. Here I want to show the process of developing a simple, reliable and sufficiently attractive to fish shone turbine. In preparing necessary materials and tools that can be practically found in every home: I think that needs no explanation, it is enough to see the pictures.