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Как да направим флашка със собствено лого?

Най-напред трябва да си намерите и харесате иконката, която искате да използвате, или да създадете такава с подходяща за целта програма. След това, създайте текстов файл с помощта на Notepad или друг подобен редактор и в него наберете следният код: [autorun] icon=име на вашата икона label=наименование на флашката по ваше … more

How to properly search on Google?

” Whoever controls the information he rules the world ” – Nathan Rothschild And you know how you properly search information on the web ? I present to you a few ways to help you ” cap ” as professionals . 1. An exception is the Google search To turn … more

How to improve the range of wifi antenna?

For quite some time now, fumbling on the web come across different types of home-made antenna amplifiers wifi signal. Naturally , at first barely pay attention to them , because they were thought to another contraption a ” perpetual motion machine ” with which some enthusiasts restocked more gullible folks … more

How to make an invisible folder on the desktop?

For those who have something to hide from prying eyes, this information will be helpful. In this folder, you can add the secret documents, keep it on the desktop and no one sees it because it is invisible. Instruction: Create a new folder on the desktop and place name, press … more

How to change the welcome image in Windows 7?

Very easy, just follow the next few steps. 1. Click with the left mouse button on the “Start” button and type “regedit” in the box for typing text ensemble which then press ENTER. 2. Press the right mouse button on the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” and click “FIND” from the menu. 3.In the … more

How to hide your wireless router?

Why should I hide it? I do not know. Everyone has a reason for something. For me I had to hide it from my boss’s office. Either way, once you start reading this post, you have reason to do so. If so, then this tutorial is for you. As you can … more