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Лайка – квилинг техника

Лайка, изработена в квилинг техника – интересен и красив подарък за всеки празник. Има доста написано за квилинг техниката и едва ли бих могъл да добавя нещо ново, просто вземете идеята и се опитайте да я пресъздадете.

Лалета – квилинг

Предлагам ви да направите саморъчно оригинални лалета в техниката квилинг. Направени от обикновена хартия, те се получават ярки и обемни, почти като истински. По-нататък, когато придобиете опит, може да предложите на децата си и заедно да направите подобни лалета. Това ще бъде много полезно и интересно занимание за тях. За … more

Paper flowers

I give you another method of making paper flowers, which although may not be immaculate to classic Quilling, resembles this technique. The work will be necessary common tools and materials for this art form: scissors, glue, colorful paper. Everything else you see on creation of the published photos below.

Beautiful article of paper “Branch Sakura”

The workmanship of this beautiful branch is relatively easy , but takes some time. For napavata and use different techniques , but the predominant Kvilling art. This composition is ideally suited to create a home picture. The work you will need : – Quilling paper strips – glue – stick … more

Quilling stand Easter Egg

Dear skillful people, I present to your attention a very gentle fabrication technique Quilling – Easter Egg tray. To the event is a little more time and if you pinch now, it is still possible to be able to make it, no matter how novice in this area are. The … more

“Live” daisies – Quilling

So, the work will need paper strips with width 3 mm. (of leaves), paper strips with width 7 mm. the average amount of daisies, thin stiletto, and most importantly, special scissors. They have to be very sharp and thin. Also you will need: PVA glue, pencil, wire for stems and … more