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Knitting with newspapers – tutorial for beginners

Long noticed that a lot of readers bring the technology. On this occasion I decided to make this publication to bring more light on the way to work.

Let’s start with the preparation of blanks (tubes from the newspaper). Before doing anything, you need to get a tool with which to wrap the paper tubes. For this purpose you can use: spoke of a bicycle wheel, a thin skewer or welding electrode which preliminary isolation are removed. The thickness of your instrument should be about 1,5 mm. Comes to paper strips. Their sample sizes are 27 cm. to 9 cm. Of course, these dimensions are exemplary and give them only to have a starting point from which to start. Over time, the practice, you alone will determine for themselves what is best for you. Winding of the tube is done by placing the instrument on one end of the paper tape at 45 degrees and start twisting the paper around it. Rolled in this way at the end of the tube is sealed with a drop of glue. You will notice that one end is narrow and one wide. This is not a mistake. It is this feature will use later to extend the tubes. Some of you might ask, why at 45 degrees.This is because otherwise your tubes or will become very hard and difficult to bend or too weak and will tear. After making adequate preparations if their length does not satisfy you, you can connect them two by two, and stuffed the narrow end of one tube in the extremity of the other and stick it. Then using a rolling pin pressing them to be flattened.So working with them becomes easier. Entanglement of the Court started from the bottom, taking an odd number of tubes and Lace them in a manner shown in the figures.Catch one end of the tube which is more and begin to intertwine around others. When you reach the end, extend it with another tube and continue. Little by little, the base will look like a circle, and “rays” will gradually align and take the form of children’s drawings of the sun. The size of the circle must strictly conform to the bottom of the container that will knitting. Otherwise you will get a gap or ugly transition. Put the container on the base and wrap up the rays, they get up early the same distance and convenience while knitting, fix them with elastic at the top of the container (see photo). When you knit the container to the required height, wrap the beams as shown and squeeze them between the tubes, so as not to unravel. To get the figure knitting, you can change the forms on certain stages. Finally, paint with paint at your own discretion and varnished.

Source: http://stranamasterov.ru

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